Great pictures with Riana Roberts

This Johannesburg beauty has gained popularity for her outstanding attractiveness and her efficient training routine. As a successful business woman, she is an example to be followed by many ladies who are determined to enhance themselves.

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The foundations of an efficient training regime

Riana Roberts has based her effective exercise program on Bikram Yoga because it is characterized for being a complete physical activity. It is becoming increasingly popular among high-level athletes, who have incorporated it into their training routine.

Designed by Master Bikram Choundhry, this Yoga variant consists of a half an hour routine of twenty six postures and two breathing exercises. These positions, known under the Sanskrit name of asanas, are formulated to work cumulatively with each other.

It means that they work in such a way that the first posture prepares some muscles in concrete so the next one can focus on strengthening them.

How Riana Roberts maintains her exceptional silhouette

Bikram Yoga is the main ally for this fabulous lady in the maintenance of her stunning figure. It strengthens tendons of the hamstring and thigh, arms, and leg muscles improving flexibility of hip joints, among others.

It also reduces stress and anxiety, eliminates depression and memory loss and develops mental concentration by creating balance between body and mind. It also helps in weight loss processes and prevents premature aging, increasing self-esteem and producing a sense of well-being and tranquility thanks to the relaxation provided by breathing exercises.

Often, mainly among the dancers, Bikram Yoga favors the prolongation of the professional career. Additionally, high-level athletes have recently stated that Bikram Yoga had greatly contributed to improving their performance.

Bikram Yoga can be practiced by anyone, even by beginners. It is an ideal complement for all types of sports, since it helps to prevent injuries. During the practice of these exercises, it is highly recommended to drink lots of water and to use fresh and comfortable clothes.