Who is Riana Roberts


Riana Roberts is a successful South African model who has appeared on many local and international magazine covers. This spectacular woman also works as a competent personal trainer who has formulated an effective regime that includes Spinning and Bikram Yoga. Discover how this fabulous lady preserves a splendid physical and athletic complexion while she also runs her own business.

Fitness girl

A splendid and fantastic fitness and lingerie model

Riana has a spectacular body which is not as slim as the silhouette of fashion models. However, her abs are the envy of many and have helped her become a successful fitness model. She stands out for having well-defined muscles and a toned figure.

She knows that to maintain it she has to resort to a consistent exercise program and a healthy diet. An effective exercise routine should include strength training, which helps to tone every muscle and maintain a low percentage of body fat.

The daily routine of a super model

As she explains, her day begins at 4 in the morning, when she wakes up to begin her regular routine. She admits that such hour may be too early and does not fit into her favorite lifestyle. However it is a necessary sacrifice that she is willing to make to preserve her perfect silhouette.

“I love sleeping. But when life is a constant struggle to make things fit, it becomes a battle for how many hours I can take advantage of everyday” she says on an interview for the Sandton Magazine.

She trains for at least four hours every day, six days a week. She does not consume more than one thousand calories on a daily basis. She has completely excluded carbohydrates from her menu.

The fact is that this exceptional lady constantly participates in important sports competitions. For instance, she recently took part in the World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion championship. She has also earned many prizes for her effective training program.